My name is Marvin. I am the proud owner/operator of Coffin Studios and Coffin Hosting. I offer services from complete site and logo design, custom computer builds, picture editing, video editing, networking, and computer support.

I can help in almost any area of the IT world. I started my journey many years ago as a graphic design artist. As time moved forward, I learned more and more about developing an online presence and getting information out there.

I specialize in small business startup and getting your name out there. I offer flat rate packages to help you open and deliver an online presence. The goal of Coffin Hosting is to offer a robust server that can meet the needs of the every day user. Whether you are starting up a cooking blog or need an online store to sell your homemade crafts, we can handle it all.

If you need to go past just hosting and would like us to handle everything, then my studio, Coffin Studios – would be more than happy to take on managing any of your IT needs or services. I offer a wide range from ground up graphic and logo design to installation of your home office equipment.

Regardless of what you need when it comes to IT in your business, we have you covered.